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Rithvik's India Pharmacy

Getting medical equipment at your doorstep has never been this convenient. During difficult phases of life, you or your loved one might need to rely on various medical supplies to get back to normal life. We are here to help you. We are familiar with your problems and tasks and the here from resulting requirements for us and for the quality of our service.

"rithvik pharmacy is a part of pharmacy Hospitals - Asia's largest healthcare group. It is India's first and largest branded pharmacy network, with over 3000 plus outlets in key Locations. Accredited with - International Quality Certification,Rithivik Pharmacy offers genuine medicines round-the-clock, through their 24-hour Pharmacies. Rithivik Pharmacy also provides Customer Care any time of the day.Quality is the cornerstone of our existence. We have gained experience in pharmacy operations management over the last 2 decades and are committed to delivering best service in he industry. Pharmacy is well stocked with medicines OTC and FMCG products, manned by competent staff with computerized system."